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Welcome To Trinity Electro-Mechanicals Private Limited



At the core of Trinity's product design capability is a AP-100 software system that provides a sophisticated electronic link between customers’ designers and the high-speed punch cells at Trinity.

Trinity's AP100 software for Windows is an advanced CAD/CAM system for sheet metal fabrication. AP100 utilizes the latest Microsoft Windows 32-bit multi-tasking operating system for fast, trouble-free operation. The program is designed for operator ease of use and is capable of generating code for virtually all punching and cutting.

AP 100 software includes an integrated 2D/3D CAD-CAM solution.Below is a list of few features of the software-
  • Auto/Manual Tool/Cutting assign and sequencing
  • Can program Punch, Laser and Comb machines
  • Single part, Nested or Multi-part sheet layouts
  • Over-travel and Clamp Dead Zone error messages
  • Multiple Turret configurations can be saved
  • Program simulation & Error checking
  • Automatic or Manual repositioning
  • Import/Export DXF, IGES or DWG files
  • Automatically dodge clamps with sequence
  • Tool path optimisation
  • Visual numbering of Cam sequence
  • Bend Deduction Management

New and revised part data is accurately and quickly transferred into latest machine code programs by Trinity's production engineers, with the machine code being generated from a file formats DFX.

2D or 3D data supplied by customers is reverse engineered to create part blank developments. These are then nested and tooled to produce machine code ready for production.

Turret punching is the first step in the fabrication process. Trinity has invested significantly in world-class CNC punch technology from Amada, a leading provider of computer controlled machine tools for flexible sheetmetal and materials processing. This technology is at the core of Trinity's high-speed production facility with machine tools for punching.Set up is extremely fast through the use of quick change tooling, and rapid first off inspection. As a result, even small batch production is cost-effective. The speed and accuracy of our turret presse helps us to maintain a competitive edge on part cost and consistent quality. The ability to run unattended and the large capacity provided by our six fabricators allow us to meet our customers ever increasing demands. A comprehensive, on-site training program guarantees the exceptional skill level of Trinity's engineers.

Our expert forming and bending department is equipped with the latest technology in CNC bending provided by Amada, Japan. We utilize Japanese style press brake tooling for greater accuracy, longer tool life, flexibility and faster set-up time.Trinity utilizes Amada’s Bendcad software to program our brakes offline to further decrease setup time and minimize lead-time. A wide range of standard tooling is available to keep costs to a minimum.

  • Quick set up
  • Wide range of tooling available
  • High productivity
  • High accuracy and repeatability

  • Spot welding
  • MIG and TIG welding (coded)
  • Gas welding
  • Stud welding

Substantial investment in surface finishing technology is planned at Trinity to offer a complete finishing service– from 3 stage iron phosphate pre-treatment to specialist liquid/ powder paint finishes. Currently, this activity is out-sourced to reputed sub-contractors and strict vigil is exercised on not only the quality of products but also on compliance of statutory regulations with regards to effluent treatment.

Powder coating, which is outsorced currently, is provided in highly economical and durable finishes, with fast and efficient colour changes, made possible by electrostatic powder coat line with 3 stage iron phosphate pre-treatment, state-of-the-art booths and gas convection ovens.

Trinity's electro-mechanical assembly services provide a cost-effective flow of subassemblies and kits onto customers’ electronic assembly lines and direct into the field.

Flexible assembly cells designed for quick configuration are set up for individual product batches, ensuring that high levels of product quality and productivity are achieved.  Cells are equiped with high speed tools.


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