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Manufacturing Facilities / CNC Bending Press

Model   RG 80
Capacity kN ton}
784 {80}
US ton 88
Bending Length mm 2505
Stoke length
mm 100

The RG 80 is designed for fast, versatile and safe material processing. It is an up-acting hydraulic press brake with 88 tons of capacity and a bed length of 8 feet.
There are 80" between the frames, with an open height of 14.5".
The maximum travel distance of the ram is 4", and the maximum bend length that can be formed is 98".
The ram repeatability is ±0.0004", while the backgauge can travel 19.6".
The RG 80 has a NC9-EXII control, which is used to control the ram and backgauge, as well as other appropriate functions.
There are two methods of entering data into the NC9-EXII control, ANGLE Mode and DEPTH Mode. Also, the RG 80 features rugged machine construction, roller bearing guide block system, beam parallelism and positioning, sectionalized punch holders, a handwheel device, and a foot treadle.

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