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Welcome To Trinity Electro-Mechanicals Private Limited

Quality is at the core of our business.Throughout the production process this system ensures all commercial and technical aspects are specified, measured and reviewed.Our corporate quality system is registered ISO 9001:2000 and we have developed a culture that is dedicated to continuous improvement, which enables Trinity to consistently produce parts of the highest quality.
Underpinning Trinity's reputation for consistent quality, cost-efficient components that arrive on time is a sophisticated manufacturing management system. This integrates all of our operational activities providing fast and accurate information flow throughout our organisation and out to our customers and suppliers.

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through:
  • ISO 9001 - certification for our products and services
  • Status as a most preferred supplier by reputed MNCs
  • Continuous training of engineers & workmen in all aspects of quality
  • TTM (Trinity Training Module), our own-developed program for education of workmen
  • Excellent house keeping & dust control measures
  • ERP for management processes
  • Well defined Business Management Processes and Review Mechanism
  • Unique Benchmarking Process

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