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Welcome To Trinity Electro-Mechanicals Private Limited

Trinity’s capabilities are constantly growing to meet the continuously changing demands of the marketplace. They range from machining and assembly to mechanical, electromechanical and Testing etc. We offer a truly broad range of services from simple component manufacture and assembly to full project outsourcing capability, from concept to completion, including procurement, manufacture, assembly , testing, packing, inventory stocking and supply. As specialists in manufacturing & assembly operations, we are the cost-effective answer to your labor-intensive manufacturing lines. We craft each project to your specifications by hand or using semi or fully automated equipment. Through customer satisfaction, Trinity has earned a respected reputation in all industries for its wiring harness assemblies as well as electro-mechanical assemblies.

Engineering Design
Managing the whole process from initial concept to volume manufacture, we eliminate misunderstandings and delays: particularly useful where time-to-market is critical. Sophisticated Radan and Unigraphics 3D CAD modelling also helps in this respect, enabling spatial problems to be anticipated before prototyping and producing photo-realistic mock-ups that help packaging, graphics and marketing to be done in parallel.

Our integrated approach to design seamlessly links with fast track prototyping and volume manufacture, and ensures customers reach new markets quickly and cost-effectively – often also extending product life through cost reduction.

Production costs, ease of assembly and quality are considered from the outset, resulting in optimum product design and the best possible unit prices.

New product Development
Due to the rapidly changing electronics market and decreased product life cycles, it is imperative for our customers to decrease their time to market and increase their ability to gain market share quickly.

As a result of these demands, Trinity has developed dedicated new product introduction teams and a quick response prototyping unit with their own dedicated equipment. By devoting dedicated resources to these functions, our customers can get the kind of attention that is needed when timing is everything, enabling them to stay ahead of their competition.

New Product Introduction
Dedicated Team and Equipment
Quick turn prototyping supported by full resources of our prototyping unit
Program transfer process
Resource planning
Manufacturing readiness
DFx - for all new product builds
Rapid Prototyping

Trinity provides a wealth of resources and equipment, enabling us to be flexible and meet a variety of customer needs. Our proto unit handles the widest variety of needs from product for engineering development, registry approvals, and even trade show demonstrations.
With a dedicated and experienced staff, we not only identify issues that often occur with prototype designs, but also help provide solutions that will increase our ability to provide quality product in a shortened time frame.

Supply Chain Management
Trinity provides a comprehensive set of supply chain services through its sourcing team. Highly experienced team of sourcing professionals ensure that eams have an uninterrupted flow of high quality materials from the worlds’ leading component manufacturers and distributors at competitive prices.

Trinity's global sourcing support comes from Integra-SCM, which is Trinity's global sourcing cell.
Various services provided by us are-

  • Supplier qualification and management
  • Supplier contract negotiations and awards
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with key suppliers through our Strategic and Preferred Supplier Programs, including supplier satisfaction surveys.
  • Periodic, formal, metrics-based business reviews with strategic and preferred suppliers.
  • Bill of Material (BOM) / Approved Vendor List (AVL) analysis, risk assessment, and strategies for risk mitigation.
  • Product-specific sourcing plans, leveraging strategic and preferred suppliers wherever possible.
  • Component and materials engineering services

Quality Assurance
Thought Trinity belives Incoming Inspection is a non value-added activity, it's Incoming inspection team possess the requisite expertise to carry out Incoming Inspection of all out-sourced parts, electrical or mechanical.

Incoming inspection team is equipped with all measuring & testing facilities required for incoming inspection as per the Quality Control Plan. One of the core strategies Trinity promotes is to move away from this activity wherever possible. This can only happen when there is confidence in the supply chain and in some cases incoming inspection may be required (e.g. Product Safety Critical, New Parts Introduction, Production Critical Items). In these cases, Incoming inspection process ensures that the inspection process is carried out efficiently and the gathered information is readily available to feed back through the supply chain for continuous improvement.

The Incoming inspection process records all failures and uses the functionality of Supply Chain Quality to ensure that failed parts are returned for process improvements. This system incorporates the ability to distinguish between approved parts and non-approved parts.

Product Assembly and Testing
Trinity offers a broad selection of electro-mechanical assembly services. Its dedicated cells have the capability to assemble small / simplae sub-assemblies to large/ complex turn key assemblies. Due to in-built flexibility in assembly lines, it can produce small batches as well as large runs in a most efficient way.

We assemble a wide variety of parts, from mechanical items such as metalwork, plastics and fasteners to electrical items including RMUs, Switchgear Control Panels, Door assemblies, Metering Boxes, wiring looms.

Trinity's assembly lines are equipped with all modern gadgets required for assembly, material handling facilties and WIP storage. Traceability of parts is the key feature of these lines.

Trinity has in-house testing facility for testing of electro-mechanical assemblies. Trinity's test kits are approved by it's customers. Trinity continuously invests in improving it's testing capabilties.

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